Reader: Is there a business selling righteous indignation in LoHi?

Lola was one of the first to pioneer the neighborhood newly dubbed LoHi.
Lola was one of the first to pioneer the neighborhood newly dubbed LoHi.

Restaurants and bars keep coming into LoHi -- but what does the neighborhood really need? Parking, for sure, says Philo99: "It's a great place to party but has become a terrible place to live."

But does it really need a fast-casual spot, as one reader suggests?

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Not according to eyeroll:

For those complaining about not being able to walk to a restaurant in order to get a bowl or tortilla full of rice: some might say that you could walk your butt into your kitchen, put some water and rice in a pot, turn a knob on your stove and shortly have a bowl of rice you could then smother in salsa, soy sauce, or what have you. I suppose that would require you to find a new source of righteous indignation, however. Too much effort - unless there's a locally owned business selling righteous indignation within walking distance.

For more discussion of LoHi, fast-casual joints and the fact that you can get take-out from just about any restaurant, see the conversation already under way here.

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