Reader: It's getting harder for me to justify the consumption of meat

Reader: It's getting harder for me to justify the consumption of meat
Lori Midson

Last week several Denver chefs traveled to Kansas to visit the Callicrate Ranch, a cattle ranch and slaughterhouse owned by fiercely opinionated, radically passionate Mike Callicrate, to witness the slaughter of a steer. Lori Midson went along, and offered up her account of the trip last Friday.

It was eye-opening -- and also heart-wrenching.

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Says spmarx:

I finished off leftover Mother's Day brisket while I read the article...I built my own drum smoker this spring and thought it was cute to paint a stylized butcher's diagram of a pig on the side of it. (I am proud to say my smoker kicks ass.) But I admit, it's getting harder for me to justify the consumption. And not in a pious, moralizing way. As I grow into equal parts cynic and softie in my middle age, I just don't want to be a hypocrite.

"I realize what these animals are doing for us, and we have a contract to honor them." - What a fantastic quote that summarizes how much respect and thought I at least want to give the choice. This was a great, heads-up article and I really appreciate it.

If you missed Lori Midson's account of her visit to the Callicrate Ranch, you can read it here -- and then let us know if it changed your thinking.

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