Reader: I've eaten a lot of mac and cheese, and Rackhouse has the best

Mac and cheese and more at Tom's Home Cookin'.
Mac and cheese and more at Tom's Home Cookin'.
Lori Midson

Don't get too comfortable! Yesterday we served up our ten favorite versions of everyone's favorite comfort foods, macaroni and cheese. And while readers agreed with several of our offerings, they also wondered what had happened to Dazzle? Hops and Pie. And, above all, Rackhouse? See also: - Denver's ten best macaroni and cheese dishes - Best Mac and Cheese: Best of Denver 2013 - The five best new breakfast spots in Denver

Says Chandra:

How can you not have the Rackhouse on here?! Seriously, the best mac n cheese i've ever eaten. And I've eaten a lot of mac n cheese.

But then there's this from David:

Wouldn't touch that stuff again in 1000 yrs.

Do you still eat macaroni and cheese? What's your favorite version in town? Post your suggestions below, or join the conversation already cooking here.

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