Larimer Square is looking good this summer.EXPAND
Larimer Square is looking good this summer.
Larimer Square

Reader: Look at How Larimer Square Has Changed!

The 1400 block of Larimer Street is one of Denver's oldest areas, but a hundred years after the city's founding, it had sunk to Skid Row Status. Enter developer and historic preservationist Dana Crawford, who turned things around. This summer Larimer Square is celebrating its fiftieth birthday with a host of events proving that what's old is new again. For starters, Milk & Honey just opened in the spot that once held the legendary Cafe Promenade, and the Square hosted its first Al Fresco event of the season on Saturday night — until the rain hit. All the activity in this hot dining destination prompts Karen to note:

Look at how Larimer Square has changed! I can remember finding my public-health patients drunk in bars there.

What are your favorite memories of Larimer Square? What's your favorite restaurant there today?


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