Reader: McDonald's Will Cook "Artisan" Chicken to a Dried-Up Cow Chip

The new "artisan" chicken sandwich.
The new "artisan" chicken sandwich.

Local McDonald's stores rolled out their new "artisan" chicken sandwich yesterday, prompting Mark Antonation's ruminations on the meaning of "artisan." Says Dave:

Hurray for Westword (and Mark Antonation) for understanding how corporations co-opt language for commercial purposes.

But no matter what you call it, this latest menu item won't fly, says Jan:

McDonald's is going to cook the chicken into a dried-up cow chip anyway, so I doubt that I would notice the difference if I were foolish enough to try one of the new "artisan" sandwiches. 

Ready to eat your words? What's the most misused restaurant term — at an independent place or a chain?

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