Reader: Moe's barbecue is better than anything from Texas

Barbecue at Moe's, a Colorado creation.
Barbecue at Moe's, a Colorado creation.

One reader who moved to Denver just two months ago can't wait to leave town -- and the dozens of commenters who've responded to his post can't wait for him to get lost, either.

Among greylopht's complaints?

There is zero culture here, and folks want to be outdoors folks. Their version of outdoors is visiting a strip mall, but they dress all REI for it. There has been some good food, but over priced.

See his complete rant on why Denver sucks here -- along with more than 160 comments in response, most of them heated defenses of Denver.

Among the comments is a defense of Denver barbecue. Says kwame:

Moe's BBQ is better than any of that Texas shit.

Good news, kwame: Moe's Original Bar B Que, which got its start in Vail in 2001, will add a ninth Colorado location this month -- in a historic cabin in Breckenridge. Moe's has two very popular outlets in metro Denver, including one at 530 Broadway and one complete with a bowling alley a few miles further down Broadway.

What's your favorite barbecue in Denver? And what do you think of greylopht's rant?

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Moe's Original Bar-B-Que
Moe's Original BBQ & Bowl

3295 S. Broadway
Englewood, CO 80113


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