Reader: No touristy craphole for Washington cherries!

Reader: No touristy craphole for Washington cherries!

Washington State wants to donate forty pounds of cherries to an "iconic" restaurant in every state in the nation, in hopes of inspiring recipes that push its product. A Washington PR company asked for Cafe Society's help in coming up with the right restaurant in Colorado for a fruit-filled delivery -- and we were happy to oblige.

So, of course, were all the commenters who responded to our query about which Denver restaurant would do right by a load of cherries.

Several suggested craft brewers, others ice cream spots. And then there was this from K.D. Bryan:

In lieu of some touristy craphole, I'd like to see them go to a restaurant who knows what they're doing instead. A few suggestions: Frasca. Fruition (fruit's in the name). Rioja. Sweet Action Ice Cream. Boulder Ice Cream. D Bar Desserts.

What restaurant or brewer would you suggest? More important, how would you suggest it use the cherries?

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Frasca Food and Wine

1431 Larimer St.
Denver, CO 80202


Sweet Action Ice Cream
D Bar Desserts - Closed

1475 E. 17th Ave.
Denver, CO 80218


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