Reader: No way would Bastien's spring for this much parsley

Reader: No way would Bastien's spring for this much parsley

Just about every day, Cafe Society posts a mystery dish/drink ordered somewhere in the metro area, and asks readers to guess where we're eating; every Monday we award one of the previous week's winning answers an EatDenver deck. And the guesses have been coming out of the circa '70s woodwork since Lori Midson served up this thick pork chop slathered in burgundy mushroom sauce, with a side of old-school weariness.

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Says Denver Dave:

I admit to being baffled. I would have guessed Bastien's too, but no way would they spring for plates this modern or squander parsley as a garnish. Nice looking hunk o' pig though and I'm totally OK with a mushroom wine reduction sauce if it's done right. Veggie medley needs re-thinking though - sad but at least they don't look frozen which they would at Bastien's.

Have you won one of our Guess Where contests? Have you used your EatDenver deck? Where?

And for those who have yet to win, take a look: Can you identify this dish?

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