Reader: Peanut butter is best enjoyed at home, like this...

The price of peanut butter is going sky-high, and this week Cafe Society served up "Ten ways to enjoy newly decadent peanut butter," including the Fool's Gold that was an Elvis favorite at the long-defunct Colorado Mine Company, and the Peanut Butter Crunch at the one-year-old Edge, which Laura Shunk reviews this week.

Readers spread the word about some of their own favorites:

Peter offers this:

Here is how I eat it - regularly. This recipe serves 2.

4 slices of freshly baked bread - the nuttier, the better. Honey Roasted PB from Whole Foods - the kind where you grind your own and fill in little tubs Fig Jam / Preserve Hazelnut spread like Nutella

Spread a slice each with one of the ingredients, then top with the fourth slice. Grill it for no more than 20 sec (or spreads will start to ooze) on a very hot griddle. Enjoy it with hot coffee or ice cold milk!

What other peanut-butter dishes are favorites around town? Spread the word.


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