3 Sons is now open in the old home of M&D's.
3 Sons is now open in the old home of M&D's.

Reader: People in Denver Think the McRib is Good Barbecue

To close out a month of eating barbecue for Ethniche, Mark Antonation visited a new spot, 3 Sons BBQ, that occupies an address with a long barbecue history, since it was once home to M&D's Cafe. Although 3 Sons might not live up to that legendary spot, he still found it a decent option in a town hungry for more good barbecue. And when you talk about barbecue in this city, the conversation always gets heated....fast. See also: Reader Says Denver's Barbecue Scene Is Truly Insufficient

Sauce at 3 Sons.
Sauce at 3 Sons.
Mark Antonation

Says Jeff:

People in Denver think the McRib is good barbecue.

Says WillieStortz:

BBQ places keep shutting down because there is no demand for it.

It seems that a bunch of BBQ enthusiasts think their BBQ is the best and they decide to open a restaurant only to find out that 95% of the Colorado population doesn't care to eat overcooked meat slathered in spicy ketchup.

Says Alexander:

Colo is not known for bbq....all the while, I don't care. We have mountains and weed.

When mountains and weed aren't enough for you, where do you go for barbecue? Read more comments and find many more barbecue suggestions here.


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