Reader: Praise the lard! Shortening ruined Oreos

Reader: Praise the lard! Shortening ruined Oreos

The Oreo turned 100 last year, which means that the cookie has had its lovers and haters for a century. Count Jenn Wohletz among the latter; she included Oreos on her list of five terrible foods.

Although many readers love the cookie, one says it's even worse than it used to be. See also: - From Oreos to margarine: Five terrible foods -- and how we got stuck with them -McFish Bites: McDonald's sure knows how to bait a hook - Five foods that are just fine to waste -- starting with Oreos

Says Denise:

Oreos were good tasting in the '70s when they were still made with lard. The public pressure to replace the lard with shortening created the overly crunchy, bland- tasting cookie it is today.

Were the '70s better in reality? Or just in our memories? Or Oreos today really that terrible? Post your thoughts below, or join the Oreo oracles already talking here.

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