Reader: Read Cafe Society, have fun, get laid

Reader: Read Cafe Society, have fun, get laid

Every week, Lori Midson sits down with a local chef to cook up the always enlightening Chef and Tell. The tables were recently turned by 303 magazine, which interviewed numerous people in the local dining scene -- but used only a fraction of Midson's responses. On Friday, she posted her unedited answers to the mag's questions in Everything You Wanted to Know About Lori Midson...," prompting this response from gourmand: "I'll stick to the new york times thank you."

And in response to that, haha served up the following:

... that's because you're a smug douchebag. have some appreciation, or at least some rational respect, for the fact that the NY Times and the Westword are two very different publications with very different purposes. Enjoy your time spent alone, just you and your crossword...the rest of us will be out having fun, eating and drinking, and most likely getting laid.
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