Reader: Review of Red Robin, a hamburger chain, is not okay

Reader: Review of Red Robin, a hamburger chain, is not okay

Jenn Wohletz is on the chain gang -- and last week reviewed Red Robin's Burger Works, a homegrown concept from the Greenwood Village-based chain that debuted at the Shops at Northfield Stapleton last November.

But not everyone enjoyed the culinary history lesson.

Says Natasha:

Okay, I understand that Laura Shunk has left the state, and I can see how it might be hard to fill the gap while you're still looking for a replacement...but to have a staff member review RED ROBIN, a hamburger chain? Not OK. Reprint reviews that readers have loved...print a list of restaurants that are new and look appealing...hell, have readers provide a writing sample and send them on a mission to review a restaurant - but don't insult your audience by asking them to engage in a review like this one. I'm an English teacher, love food, and have the summer off - where would you like to send me?

Thanks, but no thanks, Natasha. Not only does restaurant reviewing require a real skill set to make sure that restaurants are reviewed fairly, but it's also important to have one consistent reviewing voice -- so that readers can determine whether or not they share with that reviewer's taste, and assess the reviews accordingly. One-time reviews aren't fair to either the restaurants or the readers.


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