Reader: RIP Squire -- so long (super) cheap drinks and lack of pretension

Reader: RIP Squire -- so long (super) cheap drinks and lack of pretension
Jim Wills

After the last note sounds at tonight's karaoke gathering, the Squire Lounge will shut its doors -- not just for the night, but for a several-week remodeling project. No one will miss the old bathrooms, but Loungers worry that a major cleanup will erase the appeal of one of the last down-and-dirty dives in Denver.

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Says Pam:

My first dive ever...all my old haunts are either giving up the game all together or joining yuppie-dom.

And then there's this from contender:

RIP Squire. I don't go there to 'drink with people below me.' I like it for the (super) cheap drinks and absolute lack of any sort of pretension. It's at Colfax and Williams; I have my doubts as to whether or not the clientele will change save for me. I'm not going to risk a stabbing to pay RiNo prices for a drink.

Maybe the PS lounge can start doing karaoke.

What great dives are left in Denver? Post your suggestions below -- and read our list of the dozen best dives here. (Depending on how the renovation project goes, we might have to remove the Squire.)