Reader: Sometimes Leaving Dive Bars Gritty Is Rad — But Hey, Times Change

Best Dive Bar with Best Customer Service?
Best Dive Bar with Best Customer Service?

No sooner had we lamented the disappearing dive bars of Denver when one of our favorites popped up in the news. Nob Hill Inn, which won our Best Dive Bar award in 2009 and Best Jukebox honors this year, is now definitely a contender for Best Customer Service — because yesterday bartender Bert Case rushed to the aid of a man who'd just been stabbed outside the watering hole's front door at 420 East Colfax Avenue. Michael Roberts has the story here.

Meanwhile, across town, discussion continues over the transformation of the Rosa Mia Inn, winner of our Best Dive Bar Happy Hour in the Best of Denver 2015, into the Nip & Sip, which one reader worried sounded like a hipster douchebag place. Responds Christian: 

Some people hate success. Sometimes leaving it gritty and old school is rad but hey, times change. That is life, move on.

Have you been to the Nob Hill Inn? What defines a dive bar for you? And are there any good ones left in town?

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Nob Hill Inn

420 E. Colfax Ave.
Denver, CO 80203


Nip & Sip Neighborhood Lounge - Closed

4395 Yates St.
Denver, Colorado 80212

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