Reader: St. Louis-style pizza? Ketchup on a saltine

Reader: St. Louis-style pizza? Ketchup on a saltine
Lori Midson

We've all heard of Chicago-style deep-dish pie and a New York slice -- but St. Louis pizza? That's what Marc Kak says that he and his partners, wife Stacy and Matt Leiss, are bringing to Denver with Arch Pizza, which just opened on just East Colfax Avenue and will soon add two more spots to the mini-empire. With St. Louis-style pizza, the crust is cracker-thin, covered with a combo of processed cheeses -- Swiss, provolone and white cheddar, trademarked as Provel -- and, perhaps most important, the finished pizza is cut into squares. Yes, it's different -- but is it good?

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Says YayWhiskey:

Good luck to them -- but as far as "St. Louis style pizza," it's ketchup on a saltine topped with Elmer's glue.

I'd much rather have a slinger.

Have you ever tried St. Louis-style pizza? What other regional pizzas have you found in Denver? And which are any good? Post your suggestions below -- and read many more comments about St. Louis pizza here.

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