Bagels at Rosenberg's -- you can't find these in New York?
Bagels at Rosenberg's -- you can't find these in New York?

Reader: That's What the NY Times Thinks the Denver Food Scene Is About? What a Shame!

The New York Times just served up "36 Hours in Denver," a feature on what a visitor should see and eat during a short trip to the Mile High City. The piece included standard must-go spots (Denver Art Museum, Biker Jim's) and some surprises (sending New Yorkers to Rosenberg's Bagels & Delicatessen for New York-style bagels?). More surprising were a few of the places that didn't make the list at all, including Larimer Square, Denver's block with the heaviest concentration of chef-driven restaurants; any restaurant in Union Station (although the Crawford Hotel was recommended as the place to stay); and any actual pot shops. And finally, not a single mention of Rocky Mountain oysters?

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In response, readers served up their own eating itineraries:

Says Martin:

That's what the NY Times thinks the Denver food scene is about?? What a shame. They should have had a coffee a Crema, pastries/bread at Babette's, lunch at Cart Driver, and Dinner at The Kitchen or Mercantile.

Says Mark:

Breakfast at Cafe Terracotta in Littleton; Lunch at the original Beau Jo's in Idaho Springs; Dinner at The Fort in Morrison; Late night kicks at the Denver Diner.

And then there's this from Sarah:

What a joke to the places they are going to! Ugh whatever!!!! Those are not even cool places or good places for that matter!

Where would you send a visitor who had 36 hours to spend in Denver?


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