Reader: Vine Street Pub is no date place, since it doesn't take credit cards

Vine Street doesn't let you pay for your beer with a credit card.
Vine Street doesn't let you pay for your beer with a credit card.

Our choice of the Vine Street Pub as one of Denver's Five Best Restaurants for a Blind Date, as well as its win as the Best Break-Up Restaurant, raised an eyebrow...or two...from Dan.

"Not exactly sure how a restaurant that only takes cash is good for either a Blind Date restaurant or a Break-Up Restaurant," he wrote, and then provided the following scenarios:

Dude on Blind Date: "So, yeah, and that's how she broke my heart last week. I thought we were going to get married..."

Chick on a Blind Date: "Wow...I see. And you want kids too huh? I just remembered I have this thing I need to go to. I'm sorry but I gotta run. Do you just want to split this?"

[She takes out a credit card]

DoBD: "Yeah, but they only take cash."

CoBD: "Shit, really? I didn't bring cash..."

DoBD: "It's ok. There's an ATM in the back of the restaurant."

CoBD: "Alright...I'll be right back."

And in another instance...

Dude: " I said. It's not's me."

Chick: [Sobbing]

Dude: "But we can still be friends! For real. You're one of my best friends and I don't want to ever lose that."

Chick: [More sobbing]

Dude: "Let's get out of here. I'll pick this one up."

[Takes out credit card, hands to waitress]

Waitress: "I'm sorry sir, but we only take cash."

Dude: "Seriously?"

Waitress: "Well there is an ATM in the back."

Dude: "Ok. Wait here, I'll be back in a minute."

Chick: [Still Sobbing]

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