Jason Lebeau at Coohills.
Jason Lebeau at Coohills.
Lori Midson

Reader: When in the kitchen, keep your head down...and wear a hairnet!

This week Lori Midson moved to another part of the kitchen for an interview with Jason Lebeau, who's been the pastry chef at Coohills since Tom Coohill decided to open his welcoming restaurant on the edge of LoDo. For those who want to follow in his floury footsteps, Lebeau has some simple advice: "Keep your head down, shut your mouth and work..." See also: - Chef and Tell with Jason Lebeau - Chef and Tell with Tom Coohill - Coohills kicks off its summer music series tonight

Adds Russell Lott:

and ... wear a hair net.

What other tips would you give pastry chefs? And where are your favorite places for dessert in Denver?


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