Wayne's Smoke Shack gets saucy.
Wayne's Smoke Shack gets saucy.

Reader: Whenever a Transplant Tells Me There's No Good Barbecue, I Tell Them to Go Home

After a month of eating barbecue, last week we served up our list of the ten best barbecue joints in Denver -- and the comments line has been smoking. "Wayne's is the best!" "Jabo's got robbed!" "Georgia Boys is yum." See also: The Ten Best Barbecue Joints in Denver

Then there's this from Tony:

Colorado's food choices suck in the first place. All they have going for them is green chile, "which is the king" -- other than that, you can choose from 100 or more yuppie burger joins or fast food.

Responds Chris:

Maybe they haven't looked at all! Whenever a transplant tells me,"There's no BBQ like___ " or "No ma and pa Italian like____" or whatever from wherever, I remind them they can go back anytime they want. We have enough people from everywhere here to fill just about any hankering.

Do you think Tony has a point? Or is Chris right? Does Denver have restaurants to satisfy any hankering -- including for good barbecue?


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