Reader: Where's the (grass-fed) beef?

Reader: Where's the (grass-fed) beef?

Denver got two new burger joints last week, both the first forays into the market by regional chains. Bad Daddy's Burgers, a joint effort by the North Carolina-based Big Daddy's and Good Times, got cooking in Cherry Creek, and 5280 Burger Bar & Creamery, a renamed concept from a Texas-based outfit, opened in the Denver Pavilions. See also: 5280 Burger Bar & Creamery opening in Pavilions

And neither are serving the kind of beef one reader would like to see. Says Rebeldor:

Can we PLEASE get a burger place that serves grass-fed beef instead of the virtually meaningless "natural" and "antibiotic-free," which is basically just industrial feedlot beef? In the ATL, where I'm from, there are 3 mini-chains that serve grass-fed burgers: Yeah! Burger, Farm Burger, and Flip Burger.

Surely Denver, surrounded by cattle ranches, can support at least ONE burger bar that serves decent beef...

Do you crave a burger made from grass-fed beef? Where can you find one in metro Denver?


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