Reader: Why is one mammal's breast milk any more objectionable than another's?

Samm Sherman, living the sweet life.
Samm Sherman, living the sweet life.
Lori Midson

Samm Sherman was in college when she found her calling -- over pot au chocolat at The Kitchen in Boulder. Today she's the pastry chef for Linger and both locations of Root Down, cooking up sweet treats. None of which contain breast milk -- but as she joked in the first half of her Chef and Tell interview, if breast milk in desserts catches on, "my freezer at home is stocked and ready." With that, the comments started flowing -- and new mom Sherman noted that "just to clarify, I have not used breast milk in dessert (yet) as it is still being utilized as the main course." See also: Breast milk in desserts? Samm Sherman, pastry chef at Root Down and Linger, says her freezer is "stocked and ready."

Says Kelly Watts:

Why is one mammal's breast milk any more objectionable than another's? So many people consume cow's milk, but human milk is off limits and gross? Consuming the lactation of another species is just fine for a good portion of the population. Gross on both accounts.

Watch for the second half of the Chef and Tell interview with Samm Sherman later this morning. And in the meantime, you can catch up on the first half -- and all the comments about breast-milk desserts -- here.

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