Reader: Why Le Peep is now Le Poop

After seeing that a recent Consumer Reports survey ranked Le Peep in the top ten of most popular restaurants in the U.S. -- ranked on taste, value, service and mood -- Jenn Wohletz decided to give this corporate-chain eatery another try.

But she was not impressed by her meal at the City Park Le Peep.

And she's not alone....

Says Steveville:

I haven't visited Le Peep in nearly twenty years mainly because of the slow service and unimpresive food, although I live just a few blocks from one. Village Inn has the same slow service. It's reasons given in Jenn's review that I refer to "Le Peep" as "Le Poop".

When was the last time you tried Le Peep? How was your meal there? Read Jenn Wohletz's review of Le Peep here.


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