Reader: With Leo Goto's passing, the classy front-of-the-house guys are gone

Leo Goto at his last Denver restaurant.
Leo Goto at his last Denver restaurant.

Denver lost a piece of its dining history when Leo Goto recently passed away. His Leo's Place was one of the most popular places in town after it opened in 1970; Goto went on to turn the Wellshire Inn into a fine-dining restaurant. And his smiling presence was a constant.

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Says Denver Dave:

Makes me very said because I knew Leo back all the way to Trader Vics. He was a consummate restauranteur and a pillar of the community. I think all the classy front of the house guys are gone (including Paul Attardi most recently). Not many gracious hosts these days IMO just a bunch of teenagers who don't have a clue.

Did you go to any of Leo Goto's restaurants? Who's the best front-of-the-house guy in Denver these days?

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