Readers: Best burgers list is incomplete without Cherry Cricket, Citygrille

The winning burgers from Highland Tap & Burger.
The winning burgers from Highland Tap & Burger.

In honor of Steak 'n Shake finally opening an outpost in metro Denver, Laura Shunk revisited her list of Denver's best hamburgers, and added a few more to come up with "Denver's ten best burgers."

And predictably, some critics pounded this list flatter than a patty at My Brother's Bar:

Says James:

This list is an absolute joke with out including Citygrille. Your words mean less than nothing to me.

Says Guest:

I know it's fashionable for self-proclaimed foodies to claim they hate everything in Cherry Creek these days. However, Cherry Cricket's Cricket Burgers are better than at least 5 of the burgers on the list.

But others appreciated the lineup, especially the inclusion of Highland Tap & Burger.

Writes courierservices:

After having attended Burger Battle and visited several of the participating restaurants, Highland Tap and Burger is #1. I was won over by their consistency in awesomeness and the good people that patronize their establishment. If your looking for a stellar beer and tasty burger, surrounded by handsome men and hot chics, Htb is what's happening. I look forward to trying a few on this list.

To weigh in on this latest burger battle, post a comment below or join in the conversation already under way here.

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