Readers: Best New Restaurant of 2016? Matsuhisa and Avelina Are Contenders!

Alaskan black cod at Matsuhisa.
Alaskan black cod at Matsuhisa.
Danielle Lirette

What will be the best restaurant to open in Denver in 2016? We just rolled out our list of the best restaurants that debuted before December, and several more contenders have opened in the last few weeks. But some readers already have favorites. Robert is a fan of Matsuhisa, and writes:

My favorite dish in Denver all year was that piece of fish (above). So good I had to go back to get it again.

The dining room at Avelina.
The dining room at Avelina.
Danielle Lirette

Avelina is tops with Dave, who says:  

Best meal of 2016 for me.

And David agrees: 

Ditto - nothing else compares for me. Wonderful review of a truly wonderful, refreshing addition to the Denver dining season. I have only been twice but can't wait to return. So nice to be coddled with great food and service that's not in a former garage or warehouse space.

Avelina, Matsuhisa...what other restaurants are contenders for Best New Restaurant of 2016 in the next Best of Denver?

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