Fried tacos at Mexico City Lounge.
Fried tacos at Mexico City Lounge.
Danielle Lirette

Readers: Breakfast at Mexico City Is Amazing — If You Can Get a Table

Gustavo Arellano, author of Ask a Mexican, coined a term for the Mile High City's unique take on Mexican food: Den-Mex. This variation on that country's cuisine has led to the creation of such Denver-centric dishes as the Mexican hamburger (Arellano calls the version at Chubby's "the dish that best personifies the Mexican-American experience, a monument to mestizaje"), crispy chiles rellenos and fried tacos, which Arellano tried at the Mexico City Lounge when he was in Denver last year. Mark Antonation recently toured a few classic Den-Mex spots — Chubby's, Santiago's and Mexico City — to check in on some of their less famous dishes, including the huevos rancheros at Mexico City. But Casey doesn't buy the whole concept of Den-Mex:

LOL! "Den-Mex. What a freaking joke.

Adds Paul: 

Chubby's and Santiago's are both gut-busting garbage. Mexico City is the real deal, though!

Then there's this from Barbara: 

"I love the Mexico City. Breakfast there is amazing if you can get a table...specially on weekends."

Mexico City, at 2115 Larimer Street, will be serving from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. today.


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