Toast is toast in Cherry Creek North.
Toast is toast in Cherry Creek North.

Readers: Cherry Creek is getting what it deserves...and Baker doesn't want it

The hits keep coming on Cherry Creek North, which just lost Argyll and Toast, but will soon be gaining Wrap Dawgs, as Lori Midson reported yesterday.

All the dish coming out of Cherry Creek prompted this from denveronaspit:

First the Tattered Cover and then my beloved Roo Bar is forced out. It's taken a while, but now Cherry Creek is getting exactly what it deserves: Wrap Dawgz! If there is such a thing as neighborhood karma, this is it!

There won't be much mourning over Toast, judging from the comments that greeted that news. And Argyll clearly has its foes as well as its fans. Owner Robert Thompson plans to reopen Argyll in the Baker neighborhood, just off Broadway, but at least one Baker neighbor isn't looking forward to its move to his 'hood:

Keep that pretentious crap outta my backyard! Better yet, take it up to the highlands where there's more of a market for that..... We like our tacos, wine, dives, art, music,smelly bookstores, smut and, pizza just they way it is; with a hint of that mile high grime, sans mid-western yup transplants and colfax crack heads.

Is the Cherry Creek dining scene Toast? Post your thoughts below, or join yesterday's conversation here.


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