Readers: Dixons Downtown Grill served up memories as well as meals

Readers: Dixons Downtown Grill served up memories as well as meals

On Friday, we posted our "Restaurant roll call for June," a compendium of the town's recent openings and closings -- some of them quite surprising, including Squeaky Bean (looking for a new home, this one with a kitchen), Baur's Ristorante (Robert Thompson of Argyll will turn the space at 1512 Curtis Street into Le Grand Bistro & Oyster Bar), and the Northwoods Inn -- which is now a swingers' club! Dixons Downtown Grill isn't yet closed -- the restaurant will stay open until early September -- but last Thursday's announcement that the fourteen-year-old downtown institution would not renew its lease was the biggest dining-scene surprise of June.

Several national chains are looking into the 9,200-square-foot space, which includes a private dining room and an expansive patio.

In the meantime, Dixons regulars and employees -- many of whom have been offered jobs at sibling restaurant Racines -- are already mourning the loss.

From Tracey McCormick:

Worked the DNC there. So cool, all these power types all day and night. It felt like New York.

From BayleeJayne:

I spent an amazing four years working at Dixons. The friends and memories I carry from Dixons will last a lifetime.

And from former customer Patrick Kelly:

Dixons was one of my very favorite places to entertain friends when I lived in Denver....I am sad that it is closing but happy that Racines is still there. Should I ever dare to visit Denver again, I look forward to breakfast at Racines....something I did often. I got to show my art there a couple of times, and that was a good time. I remember Lee [Goodfriend] and her wonderful generosity of friendship and, of course, food.

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