Readers: Trader Joe's will bring us frozen turkey meatballs...and traffic

Like Trader Joe's, Sushi Harbor will open soon on Eighth Avenue.
Like Trader Joe's, Sushi Harbor will open soon on Eighth Avenue.

In just over two months, Colorado will finally get Trader Joe's -- and not just one, but three links in the California-based market chain will open on February 14. One of those Trader Joe's will be at 790 Colorado Boulevard, and there's already plenty of action in that area, including the under-construction Sushi Harbor. But along with the influx in commerce will come an influx of cars. Will the traffic from Trader Joe's help or hurt the neighborhood?

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Says Mary:

What I want to know is where are people going to park. The traffic around that area is already a nightmare! Tear down CU med center, which is abandoned, and build a parking garage!

Says boulderrider:

Trader joe's is great for relatively healthy freezer food, i love the frozen turkey meatballs, and moderately priced wine...I look forward to the business that trader joe's is gonna bring. Snooze and Anthony's will surely prosper, both seem to be doing fine. "The Inn" and "all v's" (best sandwiches in the city) will hopefully see some biz as well.

What are you looking forward to buying at Trader Joe's? Will you be willing to fight the traffic to get there?

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