Review preview: Taco Mex
Mark Manger

Review preview: Taco Mex

Colfax is the longest street in Denver, and it's also one of the most culinarily diverse, home to everything from Belgian fare to burgers, Ethiopian timatim fit to Mexican tacos al pastor. And not just tacos al pastor, but the traditional kind -- the kind that feature pork roasted the traditional way: outdoors and on a spit.

For this week's review, I stopped by Taco Mex, a joint on the section of Colfax just before Denver turns into Aurora. And there I joined the line in the parking lot outside the tented outdoor kitchen.

In addition to stuffing myself on street tacos, I ate my way through the rest of the Mexican restaurant's vast menu, which includes menudo, fresh-squeezed juices and breakfast burritos.

How was the food? Find out tomorrow, when the review is posted here.

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