Ruby Red Martini

When Jesse Morreale told me he was taking over the old Le Delice space in Cherry Creek and turning it into a restaurant named Sketch, I thought it was a huge stretch. When this spot was Le Delice, it looked like a bad deli -- and I couldn't imagine how Morreale could transform that into a fancy wine bar. But he had already hit it big with La Rumba and Mezcal, and now it looks like he has another winner with Sketch. When I stepped inside after the place opened two weeks ago, I was blown away by the change. Sketch is beautiful, with a massive bar and the feel of a nice steakhouse, but none of the stuffiness that often accompanies that steakhouse feel. It doesn't seem to have any of those steakhouse letches, either. And no one will kvetch about the wine list: 34 offerings by the glass, and about 400 bottles right now -- but the plan is to expand to 700 or 800. Still, I skipped the wine and asked the bartender to fetch a Ruby Red Martini ($8) made of fresh squeezed ruby-red grapefruit juice, Absolut and a Prosecco float. With drinks like this and such a great space, I think Cherry Creekers will welcome Sketch with arms outstretched.


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