Childless by Choice. I don't hate children. In fact, at times I find them as cute as puppies. I love my niece and nephew even when they are terrors, and I've developed relationships with some of my friends' children that are so enjoyable, I'd actually consider taking care of them long-term, if necessary. That said, when I go to a restaurant where I know that each diner will have to lay down a bill larger than the one with President Jackson's face on it, I don't want to have a child nearby. My first awesome experience at Sushi Sasa, the hip new spot in the Platte Valley, was marred only by an "adorable" child who kept banging her chopsticks and screaming with delight -- but not to the delight of anyone in the restaurant who was not her parent. There was only one way to drown out the rugrat's shrieks: by downing cocktails. Sasa's Saketini ($5), a new twist on the traditional Saketini (an oxymoron if I've ever heard one), quickly became my drink of choice. Made with Hakushika Nama Sake, Absolut Mandrin Vodka and cucumber, this light, bright cocktail was as sleek, minimalist and dazzling as the restaurant that served it. In the future, if Cindy Lou Who is having dinner upstairs, this Grinch will head to the basement bar, which is happy to serve both cocktails and food. But I'd be even happier if people would leave their "darling" children at home and just bring their insatiable thirst for great drinks and desire for great sushi to Sushi Sasa.


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