Say olé! to Cafe Rio Mexican Grill

Say olé! to Cafe Rio Mexican Grill
Lori Midson

If Chipotle, Qdoba, Illegal Pete's and Chez Jose aren't enough to satisfy your seam-busting burrito cravings, there's a new contender in town that might. Cafe Rio Mexican Grill, 610 South Colorado Boulevard, which shares the same small mall address as a new Garbanzo Mediterranean Grill and Panera Bread (opening February 24), makes its own flour and corn tortillas, and like those before them, stuffs the suckers with rice, pinto or black beans, chile or salsa and your choice of meat, including steak, chicken, chile-rubbed roast beef or pork barbacoa.

The Utah-headquartered chain, with additional locations sprayed throughout California, Arizona, Idaho and Nevada, predictably doesn't pour alcohol, but at least you won't be robbed of your Mexican Coke fix. For more info, call 720-389-3400.

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