Sheehan, wine and a whine-tasting

Sean Yontz holding meat, not wine, at Sketch
Sean Yontz holding meat, not wine, at Sketch

Several readers have commented on Jason Sheehan's recent review of Sketch, particularly his confession that he's just not that into wine:

I used to think it was ­me -- that I didn't have the taste for it, that there was something magical about wine, some secret I had yet to unlock, and that if I only drank the right bottles in the right order, it would all somehow come clear to me. This was a plan I pursued with some dedication, and while it did get me drunk, it didn't reveal any mysteries. Fairly recently, I came to the conclusion that it wasn't me at all; it was the booze. It wasn't that I didn't have the palate, but that I didn't have the appetite. I've been a happier drinker since, no longer feeling duty-bound to waste my time with something I didn't love the way I do a good whiskey, a cheap whiskey, a good whiskey and then a shouting match at the bar.

"I've finally had it," writes one reader. "How can you have a 'restaurant reviewer' who can't review the entire program? Wines? And clearly proclaims his dislike for it? Is that not a part of the dining experience along with 'beer, whiskey, gin'? I would think Westword is certainly capable of finding someone more qualified and less self-absorbed....Expand your horizons, Sheehan, or find another job."

Help pop the cork on this controversy: Should a restaurant review include an assessment of the wine list? Let the discussion flow.

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