Stop by the Office after a hard day at the office

After a hard day at the office, stop by the Office.
After a hard day at the office, stop by the Office.

Restaurant-hungry east Denver is about to get another option: The Office, which Hugh Evans is creating in the 5,000 square foot space that used to house the Denver Rodeo Nightclub. And with any luck, the sports bar/eatery/music venue will start pouring by the start of the World Cup. See also: The Office will be a haven for soccer and music fans

As Jon Solomon reported in Backbeat last Friday, Evans plans to book live bands at the venue, but he also hopes its location on East Colfax Avenue between Stapleton and Lowry will make the Office a perfect place for people to drop by and have a beer and a snack, maybe watch a game or even catch some live music.

Read more about the Office and its owners' plans for the World Cup.

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