Taking a break at the Wazee Supper Club

Taking a break at the Wazee Supper Club

Happy Place: Wazee Supper Club, 1600 15th Street, 303-623-9518.

The Hours: Monday through Friday from 3 to 6 p.m.

The Deals: $2-$3 draft beer and shot specials; $2.50-$5 appetizers.

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The Digs: The Wazee Supper Club is a Denver institution, plain and simple. A LoDo fixture with close to forty years under its belt, this old-school establishment is anti-posh and full of characters. The checkerboard floor is topped with stainless steel chairs with burgundy vinyl seats, and the entire room emits the vibe of a Harlem Renaissance-era pizza joint. Which is fortunate, because the Wazee Supper Club does pizza and does it well. This is the perfect place to knock a few pints back before a game at the Pepsi Center or a cultural event at the Denver Performing Arts Complex, but if you're like us, you don't need an excuse to spend time here.

Taking a break at the Wazee Supper Club

The Verdict: Late afternoon beers seemed like a smart idea, and because we were in the neighborhood, we dropped by the Wazee Supper Club. The bar was nearly full by four o'clock, so we grabbed a small table by one of the big front windows.

The Wazee's happy hour menu isn't a culinary marvel by any means, but it's got something for everyone. A mini pizza is available for those looking for the usual fix, and the sliders don't suck. If you're in the mood to be healthy, there are even lighter options: a hummus plate, turkey pinwheels (essentially a turkey wrap sliced into bite sized rolls). On this particular visit, the ramekin holding the hummus had a fine layer of orange oil -- not the most appetizing sight, but the flavor was all right. There was nothing wrong with the congenial crowd, though; everyone here always seems to know everyone. We're big fans of the Wazee's atmosphere, and the service has never let us down. The bartenders are always up for a good chat, and the servers are relaxed without being inattentive.

Overall Grade: B


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