Tell us your first beer memory to win GABF tickets (updated with winners)

Hop heads at last year's fest.
Hop heads at last year's fest.
Update: Congratulations to 94cubuff and Teresa Burwell! You have each won two tickets. To everyone else, thanks for writing in: This was one of our toughest contests in a while.

Original post: It was all such a blur. Within 45 minutes of their release on August 2, every ticket to the annual booze-a-palooza that is the Great American Beer Festival had sold out . All of them. While some dreams were achieved, others were dashed. But if you were one of the unfortunates who didn't get tickets, don't fret: Westword has extras to the first night of GABF on Thursday, October 11, at the Colorado Convention Center , and we'd love to give them to you.

If you want to get your hands on them, keep reading. (Spoiler: It requires some deep beer thoughts.)

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For your chance to win tickets: 1. "Like" us on Facebook, which you can do right here. (Note: If you're already following us on Facebook, you're already awesome and eligible to enter; proceed to step two.)

2. Sign in to our commenting system, Livefyre, and leave a comment below telling us about your first time drinking beer, along with your name (you don't have to include your real name in your account login, just your comment) and a valid e-mail address. Then check back Wednesday to see if you've won.

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