Ten classic alcoholic libations to pair with freezing temperatures

Let's face it: At some point during this holiday season, you're going to need a drink. And when you arrive at the bar, you're probably going to be near-frozen, because, you know, it's winter -- the time of year, when, so sings the song, the weather can be downright "frightful."

At which point you need to ask yourself a question: What should you order to put some fire back in that belly?

Herewith, ten classic hot libations as well as a few frost-melters that have sadly been forgotten.

10. Hot Buttered Rum 
Simple recipe, this: a shot or two of dark rum, a spoonful of brown sugar, and a pat of butter, in a mug with hot water or milk. Sprinkle with nutmeg, and you have a drink you won't want to put down until spring.

9. Three Wise Men
 The only drink on this list that's not physically warm so much as an invocation of near-immediate warmth from the inside out. A Three Wise Men is a shot of Jim Beam, a shot of Johnny Walker and a shot of Jack Daniels. That's it. Who knew the gift of the magi was intoxication?

8. Angel's Kiss 
Equal parts eggnog and Kahlua might sound sweet...and it is. But it's also an amazing drink when warmed and served in a mug. Whipped cream topping and candy cane stirrer optional.

7. Mulled Rum Cider
 Put some apple cider, a bit of orange juice, a few cinnamon sticks, and dashes of allspice and nutmeg on the stove. Let them come to a boil, and then add rum. If there's anything that smells more like autumn, man has yet to discover it.

6. Glögg 
The great part of drinking glögg is being able to repeatedly say "glögg". "Hey, would you like some glögg?" "This is some damn good glögg." See? Fun. And it should be, because it's good stuff, Maynard. Hailing from Scandinavia, glögg is mulled sweetened wine: start with two bottles of wine (any recipe that starts with two bottles of wine is a good recipe) and add two pinches of cardamom seeds, a handful of cloves, a few pieces of ginger, the peel from one small orange, and four sticks of cinnamon. Simmer for 15 minutes, stirring, and then strain. Serve over sugar cubes, almonds and raisins. Get drunk, speak Danish, sympathize with Hamlet, keep drinking.

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