Tequila Pocket Shot

Take your best shot. A couple of Saturdays ago, a friend and I headed to the Kiowa Creek Sporting Club in Bennett, site of the Independence Institute's ATF party, which celebrates alcohol, tobacco and firearms. But not necessarily in that order: Even though I wasn't driving, I'd been given strict instructions that there would be no alcohol before skeet shooting. That had me worried that there might not be enough alcohol after skeet shooting, so I packed a little item so ingenious that when I first saw it, I responded as though someone had just laid the Holy Grail at my feet. It's the Pocket Shot, or "flask on the fly," according to its marketing materials, and it represents a tremendous scientific advance over smuggling alcohol into a concert/football game in a Ziploc bag, which inevitably results in the smuggler getting soaked. The very sturdy packaging of the Pocket Shot is practically impenetrable; I carried that first one in my purse for at least a week without incident. And when I finally broke it open, I was pleasantly surprised: While the contents weren't exactly Don Julio 1492 Tequila, the generic blue-agave version didn't make me gag. So I laid in a supply in case of emergencies, such as an hour-long drive back from a day of shooting, cigar-smoking and liberal-bashing. As it turned out, there was plenty of alcohol at the ATF lunch, but I still enjoyed the right to bear alcohol as well as arms. Needless to say, the 50 ml (one shot), 80-proof alcohol-delivery system isn't winning any friends at MADD or among high-school dance chaperones. But if you want to "enjoy the perks of adulthood," as the Independence Institute advised in kicking off its ATF event, sometimes a Pocket Shot is going to be your best shot.


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