The Bull & Bush, a big winner in 2012, will tap 42 of its beers in honor of the World Beer Cup

The victors at the World Beer Cup in 2012.
The victors at the World Beer Cup in 2012.
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The first award was thrilling -- and a big relief. The second was a welcome surprise. The third and fourth, well, those were just icing on the cake. Two years ago, the crew from the Bull & Bush went to San Diego and came back with four medals from the prestigious World Beer Cup -- a biennial competition held by the Brewers Association.

This week, the WBC and the associated Craft Brewers Conference is in Denver for the first time, and although Bull & Bush co-owner Erik Peterson would love to collect some more hardware, he's more interested in being a good host this round.

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As such, the brewpub plans to have 42 Bull & Bush beers, including multiple vintages of some, available at the same time on its new tap system.

"When we make a beer, we pull off a few kegs and put them in our keg library. We keep a pretty big vintage selection, and there are definitely a few highlights," Peterson says. "Since this is the first big event in Denver since we got our new draft system, we're excited to showcase it. It's like the Ferrari of draft systems."

Prior to the new system, which was installed at the end of January, Bull & Bush had 22 taps and would set up temporary "jockey" boxes during big events.

This year Bull & Bush entered four beers into the World Beer Cup: Man Beer, the Tower ESB, Big Ben Brown and the Legend of the Liquid Brain, an imperial stout that head brewer Gabe Molina aged for eighteen months in bourbon barrels.

That last beer was recently released in bottles around town, and sold out fast. Peterson says it should age well, however, considering that one of the beers Bull & Bush won a medal for two years ago was Release the Hounds, a 1999 barleywine. The brewpub also took home medals for the Tower ESB, Man Beer and Turnip the Beets.

"There are so many beers now, to win any award is a great feeling," Peterson says.

Most of all of those beers should be on tap this week. Here is a partial list.

Bull & Bush Hail Brau Hefeweizen

Bull & Bush Happy Hop Pilsner

Bull & Bush Killer Kolsch

Bull & Bush Paas Beer 2012

Bull & Bush Paas Beer 2013

Bull & Bush Paas Beer 2014

Bull & Bush Saison de Suitcase 2013

Bull & Bush Minister's Mild

Bull & Bush Governor's Bitter

Bull & Bush Chinook Lager

Bull & Bush Allgood Amber Ale

Bull & Bush Don't Mock Mai Bock 2013

Bull & Bush The Justice IPA

Bull & Bush Snarky Devil

Bull & Bush Marriage Golden 2011

Bull & Bush Marriage Golden 2012

Bull & Bush Marriage Golden 2013

Bull & Bush The Tower E.S.B.

Bull & Bush MAN BEER

Bull & Bush MAN MAN

Bull & Bush HOP SLAP

Bull & Bush Kobee's Irish Red

Bull & Bush Fyfe's Highland Ale

Bull & Bush Punk Up e Yams 2012

Bull & Bush YULE FUEL

Bull & Bush Red Dawn

Bull & Bush Release e Hounds Barley Wine 2012

Bull & Bush Release e Hounds Barley Wine 2013

Bull & Bush Release e Hounds Barley Wine 2014

Bull & Bush Big Ben Brown Ale

Bull & Bush Tank Town Brown Ale

Bull & Bush Ice Cream Clone Stout

Bull & Bush Stonehenge Stout

Bull & Bush The Legend of the Liquid Brain Imperial Stout 2005

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