The Kitchen Next Door Glendale.
The Kitchen Next Door Glendale.

The Kitchen Next Door wound up next door to fast-casuals in Glendale

The Kitchen Next Door Glendale wasn't conceived as a "destination experience," says Kimbal Musk, co-founder of The Kitchen, which opened in Boulder in 2004. "We wanted it to be a neighborhood restaurant." This makes sense, given that Next Door -- which got its start in Boulder, too, is the more casual branch of the Kitchen family. But just what is a neighborhood restaurant these days? See also: The Kittchen Next Door joins the train gang -- with a historic sign no board

In other words, when locals aren't eating at one of the three Next Door restaurants -- in Boulder, Glendale and the newest location in Union Station -- where do they go? "We probably do compete with fast casuals [in Glendale], and Modmarket down the road," says Musk.

Competing with fast casuals? A decade ago, who would've predicted that this is where the Kitchen crew would end up? Not that it's a bad extension for the brand, but it's just such a departure from where the local, seasonal, high-end bistro started.

Does Next Door Glendale feel more like the Kitchen or more like the other fast casuals in CitySet, albeit with a bar and sit-down service? Find out when my review of the Kitchen Next Door Glendale is posted here tomorrow.


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