The future home a New York-style pizza joint from the Larimer Square gang and Sean Kelly
The future home a New York-style pizza joint from the Larimer Square gang and Sean Kelly
Lori Midson

The Larimer Square guys and Sean Kelly get a pizza the action

Sometime in December, Jeff Hermanson, Joe Vostrejs and Rod Wagner will add a new pizza bar to their portfolio of successful restaurants that already includes Billy's Inn, LoHi Steakbar and pretty much every chow house on Larimer Square. Their newest place, whose name is yet to be determined, will take over the former 3 Sons restaurant, which closed its location at 2915 West 44th Avenue in April and reopened in June at 14805 West 64th Avenue in Arvada.

"It's a concept that's been in the works for quite a while," admits Sean Kelly, the executive chef at LoHi Steakbar and a Jersey boy who'll also oversee the back-of-the-house team at the new joint. And because these boys don't do much of anything without a whole lot of research, Kelly and clan took a little trip to the Big Apple a few weeks ago to scout pizzerias where, explains Kelly, they "looked at new-style pizzerias, old-school pizzerias and everything in between."

"We went to a ton of different places and ate pizza after pizza after pizza," Kelly says, "and while we loved some of the modern pizzerias like Keste and Motorino, I think we want to do a family-friendly, neighborhood place with traditional pizzas, lots of salads and some antipasti."

You can also count on a formidable beverage roster of the alcoholic sort, with no fewer than 25 beers on tap. "This is going to be everything you'd expect from a pizza joint," Kelly promises.

And it's taking root in a neighborhood that needs exactly what Kelly and clan are proposing. "The Sunnyside neighborhood is another great untapped area," notes Wagner, who lives nearby. "My wife and I are always asking ourselves where we can go and eat and have a drink, and I think the restaurant that we're going to build will definitely fulfill that niche. If all goes well," he adds, "we'll be and running before the holidays."

We'll be waiting.


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