The menu has expanded at WaterCourse -- and so has its market

The menu has expanded at WaterCourse -- and so has its market
Danielle Lirette

When Dan Landes opened WaterCourse Foods in 1998, people assumed vegetarian cooking revolved around two ingredients: tofu and portobello mushrooms. Thankfully, options have broadened significantly since then, not simply at WaterCourse, where the menu is today is not just vegetarian but often gluten-free or vegan, but in general. See also: Chef and Tell with Rachel Kesley, executive chef of WaterCourse Foods

Vegan stores, vegan restaurants and WaterCourse's sister establishments -- WaterCourse Bakery and City, O' City, which occupies the original home of WaterCourse -- are proof of the expanding market.

Over time, WaterCourse's customer base has also expanded beyond people in their twenties to include an older demographic. "I see a lot more men that are being instructed by their doctors to eat more vegetables," says Landes. "Most of the time they say, 'If I had known vegetarian food tasted this good, I would've done this a long time ago.'"

Find out what you're missing when my review of WaterCourse Foods is posted on tomorrow.

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