The Staycation: Randolph's

The Staycation: Randolph's

The Warwick Denver Hotel hasn't yet completed its renovation, but the patio outside Randolph's Restaurant and Bar is looking good -- very food. The patio wraps around two sides of the building, and although Grant Street and 18th Avenue are pretty major thoroughfares, the smart set-up of this spot -- lots of shrubbery (including baby spruce trees) and stone barriers that look very Colorado -- keeps noise to a minimum.

Off to one side, you can enjoy a semi-private meal dining as late as the dining room is serving, but there are also wide-open spots that should inspire some very happy, post-work hours. From 4-6 p.m. weekdays, you can order a lamb lollipop, crab cake or truffled fries for just two bucks, and there's a larger selection of mighty dreamy bar appetizers from 2-11 p.m. every day.

As gas prices soar, more and more people are cancelling their summer trips. But on Randolph's patio, you can still enjoy a real staycation.

Randolph's Warwick Denver Hotel 1776 Grant Street 303-318-7272


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