The ten best candies when you're stoned

Okay, so you're high. And you've got the munchies. And this is October, so there's candy everywhere at the store. So you grab a bag of fun-sized fun, and you take it home to the buds with whom you share your bud. And you enjoy the candy, of course, but you have questions. You have insights. And they seem really, really important. At least for the next few hours.

What questions? Pass it around, and I'll tell you.

The ten best candies when you're stoned

10. Reese's Pieces Invented in 1982 because M&M's were too stupid to believe in the world phenomenon that was E.T. and refused to let Spielberg use them in the movie. So, Reese's Pieces. Which is awesome, since they're delicious and count as lunch when mixed with jelly and bread.

The ten best candies when you're stoned

9. Pixy Stix
 So named because the powder is so magical that it was transformed from a drink mix to a kids' candy with nothing but prestidigitation (and a change in marketing). Besides, dude, you could totally lace a bowl with this. What do you think a grape high feels like?

The ten best candies when you're stoned

8. Bit-o-Honey
 Surprisingly, the "Bit-o" refers not to the size of the honey-flavored taffy candy, but the tiny bits of almond in it. Who knew? More important, the term "Bit-o" is criminally underused in daily life.

The ten best candies when you're stoned

6. Junior Mints
 You might know these more for the Seinfeld reference ("Who's gonna turn down a Junior Mint? They're chocolate, they're peppermint...they're delicious!") than for the candy itself. And you almost certainly don't remember the 1941 Broadway play (Junior Miss) for which it was named. Which explains why there are no Senior Mints, and avoids the question as to whether those mints would be bigger, or small and wizened.

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