The Ten Most Instagrammed Restaurants in Denver

If you're a Denver food fan and budding amateur photographer (or someone who just can't put down the smart phone, even while enjoying dinner), you've probably snapped a few shots and shared them on Instagram -- because all of your online friends certainly want to see every meal you've eaten at every restaurant you've been to. MyFab5 is a new restaurant-rating app that helps users track the top restaurants in town without the standard star ratings or user reviews. Instead, users rank up to five restaurants for a given dish or style of food (say, barbecue or green chile); the app is integrated with Instagram, so that MyFab5 users can link Instagram photos of their food to their top five lists. So now you can be both photographer and restaurant critic, sharing lists and photos of your favorite pho parlors, taco vendors and steakhouses.

MyFab5 recently shared its Instagram data with us, offering a view into the most Instagrammed restaurants in town in 2014 (through November 30). The resulting data paints an interesting picture of the intersection of tech-savvy shutterbugs in Denver and where they like to spend their drinking and dining dollars. Keep reading to see the list of the ten most Instagrammed rrestaurants in town.

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A photo posted by Rusty Clanton (@rustyclanton) on

10) Jelly Cafe 1700 East Evans Avenue 720-596-4108 622 Photos

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9) Falling Rock Tap House 1919 Blake Street 303-293-8338 644 Photos

A photo posted by Sarah Felder (@bentoriffic) on

8) Root Down 1600 West 33rd Avenue 303-993-4200 686 photos

Keep reading for more of the top ten most Instagrammed restaurants in Denver.

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