Three BenchWarmers are benched for good

Three BenchWarmers are benched for good

Just six weeks ago, Kevin Foote was opening his third BenchWarmers Tavern & Grill in a month, and offering this explanation of the origins of his mini-chain: "I was at a Colorado Avalanche game one evening with friends. We overheard some of the fans complaining about how cold they were and how it would be so much better to be watching the game in a warm environment with good food, cold beer, and beautiful women serving them!"

Make that serving time.

Last Wednesday, Foote -- who has a lengthy criminal record stretching back to 1993 -- was arrested on a parole violation and booked into Boulder County Jail. On Thursday, the BenchWarmers restaurants in Erie, Centennial and Aurora all closed. According to 9News, employees stripped the Erie location -- with a manager's permission -- because they hadn't been paid in weeks.

Don't look for BenchWarmers to open fifteen more locations, as Foote had promised back in June. Those plans are benched.


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