Throwing the book at the SportsBook

Throwing the book at the SportsBook

Even before it opened last fall, we had our doubts about the SportsBook. For starters, a slew of upscale sports bars were suddenly springing up in LoDo, giving this spot plenty of competition. And then there were the servers -- dressed as sexy librarians.

Well, you can judge this book by what's on its cover: On May 21, the doors of the SportsBook, 1434 Blake Street, were slapped with seizure notices from the city, citing $16,000 in outstanding sales and occupational taxes.

And so you can close the book on the SportsBook, at least for now. Here's a close-up:

Throwing the book at the SportsBook

Meanwhile, Boudoir 1434, the club going above the Sportsbook (but with an entrance in the alley, and no relationship to the sports bar), postponed its grand opening that had been slated for last Friday night. A new opening date is supposed to be announced this week.

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