Toke of the town: Mary Jane's Pizza

Mary Jane's is finishing up construction in Highland.
Mary Jane's is finishing up construction in Highland.

Could be a fight to the finish to see which storefront pizza joint opens first: Denver Pizza Company -- whose owner, Mark Huebner, can focus on finishing his Golden Triangle spot now that he's been booted off The Bachelorette -- or Mary Jane's Pizza.

Mary Jane's is located at 2013 West 32nd Avenue, in an increasingly hot restaurant neighborhood. But it's offering something that you won't find anywhere else in this town: Carry-out and delivery from 11 p.m. until 4:20 a.m. And not just of pizzas, but of such munchie-friendly items as wings and candy bars.

"If all inspections go well," said the fellow who answered Mary Jane's phone today, "we'll be open by the end of the week."

May the best pizza man win!

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